Hi, I’m Shimmy!

Holding a tequila on the rocks in one hand with the other ready for a hug, Shimmy LaRoux is the woman your feisty grandma was “back in her day.” She knows that laughter is always the best medicine and that getting what you want is possible if you know how to shake a tail feather…or even a bit more.

Shimmy owns the stage with each performance and will leave you with a smile on your face, your shoulders shaking, and your body wanting just a little extra. Her style combines sweetness, joy, and in-your-face bawdiness that comes from knowing life is a fun ride.

A Chicago burlesque performer, teacher, and model, Shimmy LaRoux is your bad girl with good home training. Bringing a combination of quirky charm and infectious energy, Shimmy is able to channel classic Hollywood, be playfully cheeky or serve fierce diva realness. 

Shimmy was crowned Miss Burlesque World 2022 and, in 2023, was named the #21 burlesque performer in the world. She has recently closed the 2022 Dutch Burlesque Festival and performed at the 2022 Stockholm Burlesque Festival, where she won the “Octbooberfest” tassel twirling competition. She has headlined/featured at the Tulsa Burlesque Festival, the Colorado Burlesque Festival, What the Funk Fest in Seattle, the Panama Burlesque Festival and the Baby Grand Burlesque Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. 

She is also honored to be a 2019 and 2023 Mover, Shaker, and Innovator at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, headliner at the 2019 Ohio Burlesque Festival, winner of Best Overall at the 2019 Dublin Burlesque Festival, producer of Shimmy’s House Party in Chicago, and is an internationally traveling performer! She is also an International Playboy Playmate and Cover Girl (Denmark, June 2022) and a 2-time FHM Cover Model. 

Shimmy LaRoux is sassy, classy…but never ashy!

Notable Performances


  • Alternatease (JUDGES’ CHOICE)


  • Burlesque Hall of Fame (MOVERS, SHAKERS AND INNOVATORS)
  • Ohio Burlesque Festival (HEADLINER) 
  • Dublin Burlesque Festival (BEST OVERALL)
  • Midwest Rockabilly Weekend (HOST)


  • Freezing Tassels Burlesque Festival (FEATURED PERFORMER)
  • Miss Burlesque North America (WINNER)


  • Miss Burlesque World 2022 (WINNER)


  • What the Funk Festival (HEADLINER)
  • Miss Viva Las Vegas (FINALIST)
  • Panama Burlesque Festival (2ND RUNNER-UP) 
  • Dutch Burlesque Festival (CLOSED THE FESTIVAL) 


  • Panama Burlesque Festival (FEATURED PERFORMER) 
  • Nudie Nubies Worldwide (HEADLINER)
  • What the Funk (SPECIAL GUEST) 
  • Colorado Burlesque Festival (FEATURE) 
  • Tulsa Burlesque Festival (HEADLINER)
  • South Africa Burlesque Festival (HEADLINER) 



  • Great Burlesque Expo 9
  • Windy City Burlesque Festival
  • Michigan Burlesque Festival 


  • Great Burlesque Expo 10
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (Chicago) 
  • Windy City Burlesque Festival
  • Ohio Burlesque Festival
  • The Roux


  • Great Burlesque Expo 11
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (Chicago/Des Moines/Iowa City)
  • Alternatease
  • Calgary International Burlesque Festival


  • Freezing Tassels Burlesque Festival
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (Chicago/St. Louis) 
  • Titty 500
  • Burning City Burlesque Festival


  • Burlesque Hall of Fame
  • Freezing Tassels Burlesque Festival 
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (Chicago/Minneapolis/Syracuse/Indianapolis)
  • Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival
  • Ohio Burlesque Festival  
  • Oregon Burlesque Festival
  • Dublin Burlesque Festival 


  • Freezing Tassels Burlesque Festival 
  • The Dirty Show
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (San Francisco)
  • Miss Burlesque North America
  • VHOF


  • Miss Burlesque World 2022


  • What the Funk Festival 
  • Miss Viva Las Vegas 
  • Panama Burlesque Festival
  • The Dirty Show 
  • Jeezy’s Juke Joint (host and performer) 
  • Stockholm Burlesque Festival
  • Dutch Burlesque Festival
  • What the Funk Festival Atlanta


  • Panama Burlesque Festival 
  • The Dirty Show 
  • Nudie Nubies Worldwide 
  • What the Funk 
  • Colorado Burlesque Festival
  • Tulsa Burlesque Festival 
  • Baby Grand Festival (Cape Town, South Africa)